Steering Kit Zeiger, Dual Bravo Drive Full Hydraulic

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Full Power Twin Drive Double Ram Zeiger Marine The ultimate in performace steering, these systems eliminate the stock steering cable and utilize a Charlyn hydraulic helm pump. Kits include all necessary hoses and fittings, filter, dash mount kit and 3" steering hub assembly (works with Momo or Dino wheels). Specify hose lengths and cylinder midline dimension when ordering. Zeiger steering systems use a cast stainless steel end cap. The cylinder mounting bracket can be easily adapted to port or starboard cylinder mounting. External Hydraulic steering systems are a must for any High Performance boat. The external rams help lessen the load on the Sterndrive Gimbal housing by evenly distributing engine torque. Zeiger Performance has been manufacturing steering systems "behind the scenes" for many years. They are now one of the best steering manufacturers in the industry and their systems are original equipment on many of todays High Performance Offshore boats. Zeiger's stainless steel ram available, utilizing the thickest cylinder walls and a superior brass piston and wiper assembly. Additional Documentation: - Steering System Installation Instructions - Drilling Additional Mounting Holes in Drive - Bleeding Steering System - Warranty - Drive Cap/Transom Bracket Drawing - Mounting Location Drawing - Product Drawing - Product Drawing with Hose Kit - Tie Bar Twin Drive Drawing (Front View) - Tie Bar Installation Instructions - Hose and Fittings Instruction - Cleaning and Inspection