Trim Tab 28" High Performance Kit

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Each K-Plane can be independently operated by dash-mounted controls. Because of the unique hydraulic system, there is no "droop" due to hydraulic leakage. The After-Planes will remain locked until the controls are again actuated. K-Planes offer substantial advantages in performance, fuel economy, stability and handling. All K-Planes are supplied with two hydraulic pumps with heavy-duty mounting brackets, all trim hoses, wiring pigtail for trim pumps and all necessary hardware for installation. Made from high strength 535 Aluminum Magnesium alloy.All 316 Stainless Steel hardware.1-1/2" Piston bore.Two way hydraulics for improved performance.Zinc Anodes to prevent corrosion.Over 250 square inches of lift surface.Includes trim pumps.Trim Switch Panel Extra.