AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Pro Comp Marine Fuel Pressure 0-15psi

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All Autometer Pro-Comp gauges feature new Plastic Non-Corrosive casings, sealed lenses, UV protected needles for fade resistance and non-corrosive hardware. Includes 865-2245 Sender. Full sweep. Autometer comes with White Lights with Red removable cover.

  • Features front sealed bezel design for added water resistance and UV protected paint on dial pointer for added protection against sun damage
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible, well-suited with nearly every marine electrical system
  • Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial

Seeing the exact fuel pressure on your boat can mean the difference between extracting the most performance safely and expensive failures. AutoMeter’s Fuel Pressure Gauge will precisely measure your exact fuel pressure at levels of accuracy previously unheard of even in professional gauges. Don’t take chances with your investment; a precise fuel pressure gauge could be the cheapest insurance you’ve ever bought.