Oil Filter Remote Mount

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Xtreme Remote Vertical Bulkhead Mount HP4 or HP6 Oil Filter Head

The feature that sets this remote mount oil filter apart from the competition is the variety of mounting locations made available by using different mounting brackets Normally mounted horizontally on the rear of the port cylinder head this remote oil filter mount can also be mounted vertically on the front of the port cylinder head or remotely mounted vertically on a nearby bulkhead. Incorporating a large single 3/4" NPT inlet port and dual 3/4" NPT outlet ports the oil lines can be run straight thru or 90 degrees from each other There is also an 1/8" NPT port in the filter head that can be used as a oil pressure gauge access point of plugged if it's not needed Constructed for 316L Stainless Steel and polished to a mirror finish the construction and appearance of this assembly top notch.