Block Adapter, Big Block Chevy Gen 5 & 6 Thermostatically Controlled Engine

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Maintaining proper engine oil temperature has become critical to the success or failure of today’s performance marine engines. Prolonged use of marine engines in conditions where oil cannot reach its optimum working temperatures will result in sludge formation and crankcase dilution which leads to excessive wear especially in the cylinder bores and bearing surfaces. A thermostat assembly combats this by permitting 90% of the engines oil to bypass the cooler during warm up. The balance of the oil flow is allowed to fl ow through the cooler maintaining constant pressure and preventing air pockets while eliminating cold oil shock. This reduces scuffing and premature wear and inhibits engine blow-by. As engine oil temperature reaches its optimum operating temperature moisture and impurities that often cause a milky condition are eliminated.

Until now oil temp was controlled either by some guess of components or by the professional engine builders through the use of some sort of external engine oil thermostat. While these external oil filter/ thermostats were very effective they were also very large and very bulk . Making them hard to mount and creating a maze of plumbing. The problem was the only available parts up until now couldn’t move the necessary oil fl ow to be mounted anywhere. else. But thanks to Hardin marine and their engineering staff they took to solving this decade long nuisance. Hardin Marine has developed this new thermostatically controlled engine block mounted product. With this unit all oil temperature is now controlled through a integral 212 degree oil thermostat. The large 3/4NPT oil inlets/outlets assure the maximum amount of oil can be fl owed through the unit. So no more maze of external plumbing, no more big bulky external mounted components just the standard (2) lines to the filter and the standard (2) lines to your cooler. Sometimes evolution comes in the form of the simplest of things but this is one that has been deeply sought after. Overall Height: 4-3/4"