Sea Strainer Intercooler Fine Mesh Sand

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The strainer is manufactured from hard anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Each unit features a clear see though body fitted with a self centering base. This unit uses a rugged and durable all stainless steel micron filter element to keep sand and small particles out while still allowing for maximum water flow. The housing offers two pressure ports so that a safety warning light and or pressure gauge can be incorporated. What happens if you actually fill the units to the top with sand well? They thought of that also, this unit feature dual check ball style bypasses built in just like your engines oiling system uses but we saved the best part for last. The entire unit can be serviced in less than a minute. A single function o-ring sealed mounting knob is spun off allowing the filter and body to be removed rinsed and re-installed in one motion. A bulkhead style of mounting bracket is included and an optional supercharger mounting bracket for both roots style 6/71 thru 14/71 and the 3.3l Whipple super charger is available.