Harness Engine, Custom MerCruiser Style

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Custom MerCruiser Style Engine Harness - This unit is a Mercury style engine plug with 6-ft of un-terminated wire extending from it for the do-it-yourself installer.

These wiring harnesses were designed for use in custom engine installations. If you've ever tried to use an original Mercury harness on a custom engine installation you know that all of the wires either aren't located where you need them, or they're the wrong length. And there's so many that end up not being used. We have stepped in to build both a custom harness and a do-it-yourself harness using a factory Mercury style engine plug. Don't suffer from a tangled spaghetti-wire nightmare. Both the custom and universal harnesses are engineered of the highest quality wire,connections, terminals, and components.

Note: Uses 14 AWG wire