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The ultimate swim step has arrived. Our swim steps and their mounting brackets are precision machined out of a solid aluminum plate. We now have two different styles, our traditional style machined with slots and ball mills. As well as our new style available with rubber inserts. Our rubber inserts have a flat smooth finish, making them very comfortable on your feet. Both styles look and work great. The end of the step is machined with a wider slot so you can easily grab onto it when getting into your boat. These steps are also drilled and tapped to accommodate an Aqua Ladder. All of our colored swim steps (except black and white) undergo a two-step Fusioncoating process to aid in corrosion resistance. If you are customizing your boat or ordering a new one, this is an option that you should strongly consider. Kits include one step and two mounting brackets. The kit includes one step and two brackets. Specify 12 or 16 degree transom angle when ordering. (Brackets are mounted on 18" centerlines).