IMCO Xtreme Advantage SCX

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This kit is designed to upgrade your Bravo outdrive to Imco's SCX Drive. The kit includes Imco's SCX upper and SCX lower of your choice, helmet kit and drive reservoir.

  • Engineered from scratch for high horsepower/high torque engines, IMCO's SCX.
  • No transmission needed. Cone clutch shifts internally.
  • Fits Bravo HD gimbal with helmet change.
  • Larger net-forged, 1 piece gears and oversized bearings.
  • Larger clutch.
  • Internal water cooling with built-in drive shower.
  • Giant 5 quart oil capacity.
  • 3 gear ratios available 1:25, 1:34, 1:50.
  • 2 prop shafts available 1 7/16" or Mercury Racing propshaft
  • NOTE: These parts & unit have no warranty.

    NOTE: This page is setup so you can pre-configure your Drive before calling to place an order. Due it's cost this part cannot be purchased online.